Officials Warn Miami Cranes CAN NOT Sustain A Category 5 Hurricane

The City of Miami warns that construction cranes throughout the city are a cause for great concern surrounding the impending Hurricane Irma. 

There are about 25 cranes scattered throughout Miami. City officials are advising residents living in buildings next to a construction crane to evacuate in the event Irma hits South Florida as a category 5 hurricane.

The cranes are designed to withstand winds up to 145 miles per hour, but as of Tuesday, Irma had reached winds of up to 185 mph.

Construction sites around the city were being locked down ahead of Irma's potential impact.

Authorities note residents should comply whenever Miami-Dade County issues an evacuation. 

Those choosing not to leave high-rise homes -- city officials encourage you to ride out the hurricane in an interior, concrete enclosed stairwell in the building.

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