House Passes $7.9 Billion Harvey Aid Package Bill

A Hurricane Harvey disaster aid bill is headed to the Senate after passing easily by the House.  

Republicans and Democrats united behind a $7.9 billion Harvey aid package for victims of that storm, even while more powerful Hurricane Irma makes its way down to South Florida.

The measure provides nearly $8 billion in disaster assistance after the devastating storm hammered south Texas and parts of Louisiana.

The 419 to 3 vote Wednesday sent the aid package to the Senate in hopes of sending the bill to President Donald Trump before dwindling disaster reserves run out at the end of this week.

Texas Rep. John Culberson, whose Houston district was slammed by Harvey, promised that “help is on the way.”

Senate Republicans hope to add an increase to the government’s borrowing limit, but Democrats announced Wednesday that they only support a short-term increase.

Some New York Democrats reminded Texas Republicans of their votes opposing Superstorm Sandy aid five years ago.

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