SFL Man Accused Of Threatening To Cut Off Wife's Arm If She Refuses Sex

Palm Beach County Seriff's officers say an 84-year-old Green Acres man threatened to cut off his wife's arm if she refuses to have sex with him. 

Elpidio De Leon Pimentel was arrested Tuesday on a charge of battery on a person 65 or older.

De Leon Pimentel's 80-year-old wife allegedly told deputies she and her husband were watching television on her birthday when they got into an argument. She then went to bed. 

De Leon Pimentel allegedly woke her up and was on top of her, grabbing her arms and telling her that he wanted to have sex.

If she didn't, he "would cut off her arms," she said De Leon Pimentel told her.

According to an arrest report, the wife was able to push him off and leave the room, but a roommate told deputies that he saw De Leon Pimentel return to the bedroom a short time later with a "large machete in his hand."

Deputies said De Leon Pimentel eventually walked outside, and the woman locked her husband out of their home until police arrived.

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