It's Uber (Ops) Vs Uber (Tech) In A Tallahassee Courtroom

It's Uber vs. Uber in a Tallahassee courtroom. 

A small, local, Tallahassee-based company is suing the ride-sharing giant Uber Technologies for trademark infringement and brand confusion -- saying it came up with the catchy name first. 

Uber Operations, a cloud computing company also known as Uber Ops, has been providing I.T. services for the health care industry for more than a decade. 

The company claims it receives thousands of calls, faxes, emails, complaints and threats from angry Uber Tech passengers. Because of the calls, Uber Ops has even allegedly set up a prompt within its phone system to redirect Uber Tech callers.

The lawsuit claims additional confusion has been created since Uber Tech's entry into the health care field (the ride-share company also now delivers flu vaccinations and uses an IT platform that's identical to Uber Ops).

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