Florida Boyfriend Grabs Ax To Save Girlfriend From Home Invader

A Pinellas County teenager is in jail thanks to a quick thinking homeowner and boyfriend, who grabbed a nearby axe to defend his girlfriend during a home invasion.  

Police say 17-year-old Matthew Cleveland forced his way into a Pinellas Park home Wednesday, grabbed 33-year-old Christina Robles by the throat, punched her and slammed her head against a wall.  

Her boyfriend, Alex McMaster, told police he woke up around 8:45 Wednesday morning to the sounds of Roble's screams. 

McMaster allegedly grabbed a nearby ax, stopped the attack, and held the suspect until police got there. 

Police say Cleveland, who is a senior at the Richard Sanders School, left class early and wandered around before the attack. 

Police are still investigating a motive.

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