Do You Feel Like News Media Reports Facts? Here's The Breakdown...

I suppose this news isn't too surprising. 

If most news media reports what you want to hear, even if it's not exactly what's happening, you'll take it. That's not surprising. 

What is notable, though, is just how partisan the divide is with our view of credible news.

Gallup specifically asked if traditional news media generally get the facts right. 

In 1998 here were the results:

  • 53 percent of Democrats said yes
  • 52 percent of Republicans said yes
  • 51 percent of Independents said yes 

While not exactly a resounding endorsement of the credibility, the numbers were consistent regardless of political identification. 

Fast forward to today ... and the divergence has never been larger:

  • 62 percent of Democrats said yes
  • 37 percent of Independents said yes
  • 14 percent of Republicans said yes

Democrats represent 28 percent of the population and Independents are the largest grouping of Americans (over 40 percent). 

This demonstrates that, despite efforts to convince you that you're outside the norm... If you don't trust most of the traditional news media outlets - you're not only not alone. 

You're actually part of the vast majority of Americans. 

It's just that those on the left tend to make the most noise.

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