Trump's Doctrine On Immigration... Is Working

The idea of Trump's Wall is far too ingrained in society now for the President to ever walk away from it. 

We've had stretches of border walls for many years -- and for good reason. They're needed! Without them, there wouldn't be anything stopping the most evil and violent people in the world from coming across the border. 

Regardless, many of them still accomplish the voyage (MS13, ZETA, etc.). 

But with that being said, simply enforcing our laws to the maximum extent can (and has) made a tremendous difference. 

The latest figures are in from the federal government on illegal border crossings and deportations of illegal immigrants. According to the Department of Homeland Security:

  • Illegal border crossings are down 22 percent YTD
  • In July illegal crossings were down 47 percent

As the Trump administration has had an opportunity to expand border agent staffing and take the southern border seriously, they've become increasingly more successful

One of the most telling numbers are illegal immigrants voluntarily deporting rather than fighting to stay in the country. According to DHS: 

  • Voluntary departures are up 31 percent YTD 

So, it's funny that when you enforce laws, you find improved results among those who'd otherwise choose to break them. 

Who'd have thunk it? 

It's a good start, but most who are attempting cross illegally are still doing so successfully. So for those suggesting that enough's being done and we don't need a wall or additional border security, here's my question for you: 

Would you really feel OK if half the people who'd attempt to break into your house knew they could do so successfully?

It's just something to think about... 

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