Man Found Guilty Of Raping, Strangling Florida Woman 30 Years Ago

A Mississippi man was convicted Tuesday of the first-degree murder of a Florida woman in 1987. 

Rodney Clark, 51, now faces a possible death sentence. 

Authorities say then-27-year-old Dana Fader was raped and strangled in the back seat of her car in Lake Worth in June 1987. 

Clark was arrested in 2012, 25 years after the fatality, when a national DNA database flagged him as a match for semen found on Fader's clothing.

Clark admitted to being in Palm Beach County at the time of the murder but denied responsibility for Fader's death.

Under Florida's new death penalty law, all 12 jurors must vote unanimously in favor of the death penalty. Otherwise, it's an automatic life sentence.

Clark's sentencing phase will begin Sept. 6.

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