Is Being Good With $$ Sexier Than Being Sexy?

The first thing that comes to my mind in this case is "we are the dorks who will rule the world." 

Believe it or not, that was actually said to me in school -- rather than by me. A guy in my class definitely profiled me incorrectly after losing a student body election against yours truly... being pretty good at sports covered for a lot of less than cool tendencies. 

Anyway, this particular guy said that he'd rule the world -- and marry my girlfriend too! 

To be honest, it's altogether possible that happened because I have no clue what happened to either one of them. 

But, also,maybe he had a point? 

According to the latest research from Discover and Match Media Group on what (2,000 surveyed) people are looking for in the dating world:

  • 58 percent of people would prefer a person with good credit over a nice car
  • 50 percent prefer someone with good credit over a good job
  • 40 percent prefer someone with good credit than good physical fitness (see what I mean?)

The top three responses/words people associate with good credit scores: 

  • Responsible 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Smart

There's a lot in this world we don't have control over, but credit is one we do.

If you're dating, you could have a great career and a fancy car... but that might not be as attractive as simply having a 720+ credit score. 

That could even make you the dork who rules the world... or at least give you a chance to marry that cool guy's girlfriend.

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