FL Sending Additional Resources, Manpower To TX In Harvey Recovery Effort

The state of Florida is sending even more resources to aide in Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. 

Twenty-five Florida wildlife officers are already in Texas helping. Another 100 more are scheduled to arrive within the next day or so.  

Their primary mission is to rescue stranded flood victims. 

Florida officials will do so using their airboats, flat bottom boats and high water vehicles.

As of Tuesday morning, there's been no let up of the misery in Houston, as parts of the city remain underwater. Tropical Storm Harvey has been pounding the area with rain for days now and the storm is still not finished.  

Flood waters continue to rise at alarming rates, in areas where thousands of rescues have already taken place.  

Emergency officials say they have no way of knowing how many people might be dead, but local police say at least nine people appear to have died as a result of the storm.

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