Nabisco To Release "Mystery Oreo" Flavor, Offer $50K For Correct Guess

Want a shot at $50,000? (Don't we all?)

Keep your eyes peeled for a new 'mystery flavor' Oreo that will reportedly hit shelves in the near future. 

According to an Instagram post by @TheJunkFoodAisle, the next limited edition Oreo flavor might be one that they won't even explain to us.

 Based on the packaging in the picture, it looks like Nabisco wants consumers to guess what the flavor is.

And you'll want to find out, of course, because the company is awarding $50,000 to the person who guesses the flavor correctly!

It's a mystery as to when this mystery Oreo will be revealed, but we're keeping our eyes (and taste buds) peeled in preparation. 

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