What Up, President Trump? Tracking Trump Aug. 25

Where art thou, Donald Trump? 

As another week is coming to pass, it's time for a reality check in regard to what's really going on with public opinion of the President (this week) We've got you covered with Trump's high point, low point, current ratings and week-over-week comparisons.  

We're breaking it all down: 

  • Trump's current ratings:

    • 36.8 percent approval  

    • 58.6 percent disapproval 

    • = -21.8 percent (since 8/4/17) 

  • Trump highest approval ratings average:

    • 45.2 percent approval 

    • 43 percent disapproval 

    • = +2.2 percent (since 1/27/17)    

  • Trump's current ratings: 

    • 38.8 percent approval 

    • 56.4 percent disapproval

    • = -17.6 percent 

Despite the hysteria in the media, President Trump's approval ratings were actually higher last week than in early August. And that's still the case today. 

Overall, his net approval rating is 1.6 percent lower than a week ago and, yes, if you listen to certain media outlets that cherry pick the lowest poll available, it might sound worse than it really is - which to be clear - isn't good. 

But his support isn't at a new low. In fact, he's more than 4 percent off of his low point. 

Last week, I advanced the idea that there can come a point in which the media and political adversaries of the President could overplay their hand. That may well have been the case. 

Again, it's worth noting that if the media had as much sway as they wish they did, or that we still sometimes assume they do, there's no way that Donald Trump would be President anyway. 

The range was GWU/Battleground -11 percent to Gallup -26 percent 

Until next week...

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