Red Light Cams Are Online In Pembroke Pines

The City of Pembroke Pines is restarting its red light camera program. Warnings have been sent to drivers who run red lights until today. Real citations will be sent out to drivers who are captured on video running red lights.

Red light cameras are installed at the following intersections:

  • Eastbound Johnson Street and Colony Point Drive
  • Northbound Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road
  • Westbound Pines Boulevard and 72 Avenue
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and 136 Avenue
  • Northbound 136 Avenue and Pines Boulevard
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and 129 Avenue
  • Westbound Pembroke Road and 129 Avenue

If you do get caught going through a red light, you have several options...

  • Once a Notice of Violation is issued, the violator has 60 days to respond by the following:
    • Pay fine of $158; no points added to license
    • Request a Hearing – If Violation is upheld in court, the violator will be responsible for payment of $158 plus court fees not to exceed $250. The violator can cancel their request for a hearing by paying the fine amount of $158 plus an additional $50 administrative/cancellation fee.
      • If the violator is found liable and does not pay the fine amount by the due date set forth by the Hearing Officer, the PD can issue a registration hold on their vehicle.
  • Submit an Affidavit naming another individual as the driver of the vehicle – If an affidavit is submitted and approved by the PD, the original Notice of Violation is dismissed and a new Notice of Violation is issued.

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