South Florida Girl's Message In A Bottle Ends Up In France

When Summer Smyth threw a message in a bottle into the ocean in 2015, she had no idea it would end up all the way across the Atlantic.

The message, written by the 9-year-old, was thrown into the ocean between Miami and the Bahamas while the Smyth family was on a boat. It ended up crossing the pond via the Gulf Stream before washing up on a beach in Normandy, France.

On it, Smyth, a Palmetto Bay resident, wrote: “If you get this note, my name is Summer Smyth, my last name is Smyth, and I’m going to second grade and my school is St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School.”

Another side of the letter started off with “Greetings from America” and included contact information for anyone who found it. 

The bottle was recently found at a beach-side campsite in Northern France, covered in mussels. 

The people who found it used the contact information on the letter to contact Smyth’s nanny, who helped her write the note and send it off.

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