More Americans ID As Republican Than On Election Day 2016

For years, on a near monthly basis, Gallup has surveyed Americans on what political party they identify with at that particular time (if any, that is). 

Let's start with how the country ID'd on Election Day last year:

  • 31 percent Democrats
  • 36 percent Independent
  • 27 percent Republican
  • 6 percent 3rd Party

It's notable that, with the current political make up, more Republicans were elected to political office top to bottom than at any other time since the 1920's. Given the media's depiction of Trump's Presidency thus far, and the clear failures of Republicans in Congress to pass meaningful reforms -- naturally there are more Republicans today. 

If that doesn't seem to make sense, I'll explain it in a minute. First, here's where we are today (Gallup's August survey): 

  • 28 percent Democrats (-3 percent)
  • 41 percent Independents (+5 percent)
  • 28 percent Republicans (+1 percent)
  • 3 percent 3rd Party (-3 percent)

So what the heck's going on? 

There are three key issues at play here. 

  1. The first is the media itself. Honestly, if mainstream media outlets were as relevant as they'd like to think they are, there's no way in hell Donald Trump would be President or that there'd be more Republicans today than at any point in 90 years. 
  2. Second, what have Democrats done to win over support? Democrats to date have only organized a message of "resist." Otherwise, they've been playing to the most extreme factions of their base, rather than proposing real solutions to make healthcare more affordable, lower the tax burden, protect the country and improve wages the four most important issues to Americans). 
  3. Third, Despite the failure of Congress to pass reforms on the biggest issues, many smaller reforms have taken place. Over 30 pieces of legislation have passed improving regulation on business, addressing VA issues and expanding benefits for veterans. 

In part aided by regulatory reform, the economy has grown meaningfully stronger as compared to the same period last year and record corporate profits have led to record stock prices. 52 percent of Americans still have stock market based investments. 

A better economy and record stock prices matter.   

So, when the stats are laid out in black and white like we've just done, is it really any wonder that Republicans are on the rise? 

Think about it. 

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