LOOK: Thief Grabs $30K Cash, Jewelry From Unsuspecting Gas Pumper

While a man was pumping gas at a Lauderhill Chevron station, a thief opened his front passenger door and stole a bag. 

What the thief didn't realize, most likely, was that the bag contained $30,000 in cash and jewelry. 

Lauderhill police have released a video in hopes of identifying the suspect in the Aug. 15 incident.

The video shows Aventura resident Tomer Akerman looking away from his car as he pumped gas. A white Nissan Murano drives up and stops. A man jumps out and appears to crouch as he opens the Ford Explorer’s front passenger door.

He then reaches inside the unlocked door and stole the bag off the seat.

Akerman told police he was on the way to the Jewelry Exchange when the robbery occurred.

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