Study: Smoking Weed Poses MORE Health Risks Than Traditional Cigarettes

Tons of people, especially these days, advocate for smoking pot and believe it should be legalized. 

But just as marijuana use has gone mainstream, so has the research that smoking pot is kind of really bad for you.

We're starting to compile much more comprehensive research of long-term marijuana use these days, and the results, predictably, aren't pretty. 

**My purpose of passing this info to you isn't to take either side in the pot battle, it's just info on the implications of smoking pot**

It's kind of ironic -- Many of the same states/cities that have been most aggressive in rebuking federal laws surrounding traditional cigarette smoking are the ones that most want to allow weed smoking in their communities. 

That use thought, according to a new study from Georgia State University, may actually be worse than traditional tobacco smoking.  

GSU published a study in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, finding the following among those who'd used marijuana for an average of 11.5 years: 

  • Increased health risks as compared to traditional cigarettes
  • Up to 300 percent greater risk of hypertension for marijuana compared to tobacco
  • The longer the use of marijuana, the greater the likelihood of death due to hypertension 

The top three health risks for marijuana use were found to be:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Heart disease
  3. Cerebrovascular disease (issue with oxygen not properly circulating through the brain)

So, if states and cities have deemed traditional cigarette smoking to be a health risk so detrimental that it needs to be heavily regulated at the state and local level, why would these states and cities move to "normalize" a federally illegal product that's potentially 300 percent more dangerous than traditional cigarettes? 

Again, this isn't about advocacy, it's about information and that's a question that should be accounted for, especially given that cardiovascular events are already the number 1 killer of men in the US.  

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