If You Haven't Heard, Islamic Terror Is Still Our Biggest Threat Right Now

Despite the media hype surrounding the influence of white supremacists in the U.S., Barcelona reminds us that terrorism is still the biggest threat.

If I were to ask you last week what act of violence was the most deadly in the world, you'd probably say the terror attack in Barcelona. 

And you'd naturally be... incorrect

As awful and violent as the Barcelona terror attack was, the 14 people who died were actually about half the death toll that occurred last Tuesday in Mandarari, Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, suicide bombers blew up a market -- killing 27. 

First time you're hearing of this? Not surprising. 

That's because of the pervasiveness of Islamic terror in the undeveloped or developing world. There were actually more than 30 terror attacks just last week!

Through Saturday, August 19th, the world has experienced 

  • 1,362 Islamic terror attacks ...
  • Spanning across 55 countries... 
  • Killing 9,653 people and...
  • Injuring an additional 10,084! 

To put it another way... an average of 41+ people have been killed ever day this year, with an additional 43+ injured.

Only when the terror attacks are carried out in developed countries, in sensational ways, do we often hear about it. 

Perspective is key. 

We live in a time with an agenda-driven media and news cycle that's rife with media bias. But again, the most pervasive form of media bias isn't what you're presented with - it's what's omitted

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