Governor Scott Reassigns 25th Court Case From State Attorney Aramis Ayala

Gov. Rick Scott has removed State Attorney Aramis Ayala from another court case. 

The case of Everett Glenn Miller legally falls in the jurisdiction of Ayala. 

Everett Glenn Miller

Miller, 45, is accused is accused of fatally shooting two law enforcement officials, Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, on Friday night.

Howard (left), Baxter (right)

Scott has reassigned prosecution of the suspect to State Attorney Brad King.

Scott removed Ayala from Glenn's prosecution because she refuses to seek the death penalty in any case handled by her office. 

Aramis Ayala

This is the 25th time that the governor has removed Ayala from a case.

Scott says he made the decision to ensure the families of the victims get the justice they deserve.

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