Florida Man Sues Company Over 'Nonstop' Robocalls

We have all had our fair share of frustration when it comes to automated calls and robo-solicitors, but one man in Florida is so fed up that he is taking the issue to federal court. 

Michael Hofmann, of Tallahassee, says he was bombarded by annoying robocalls from Peak Living, LLC: a Utah-based property management company.

Peak Living is based in Provo, Utah, with a registered agent, NRAI Services, Inc., located in Plantation. It manages several properties in central and north Florida, including Parkway Square in Tallahassee.

Hofmann alleges that the company has called him morning, noon and night over the last four years. From late March through early May alone, the company called Hofmann at least 82 times, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee, says Hofmann asked the company to stop calling him on several occasions, including in January, when he informed Peak Living that its “incessant calls” were harassing him. 

“(Peak Living) knowingly employs methods and/or has corporate policies and/or procedures designed to harass and abuse individuals such as (Hofmann),” the lawsuit says. 

The suit also quotes a court decision about robocalls out of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in which one of the judges noted that, “Every call uses some of the phone owner’s time and mental energy, both of which are precious.”

Hoffman is suing for loss of happiness, concentration and sleep, plus lost cellphone minutes and battery life... statutory damages of $1,500  per robocall.

"Peak Living does not promote, engage or condone any type of harassment," the company said.

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