Former Coral Gables Officer Arrest For Second Time On Battery Charge

A formal Coral Gables police officer was arrested for a second time Wednesday night. 

Authorities say 39-year-old Manny Rivero was originally relieved of his duty after a domestic violence allegation in June. 

At that time, Rivero allegedly grabbed his wife by the throat and caused her face to hit a door frame following an argument. Rivero then grabbed his wife by the throat and pushed her into a walk-in closet, according to an arrest form.

Rivero was relieved of duty after the charges were filed, and the state attorney’s office launched an investigation. But less than two weeks later, wife Danielle Rivero asked that a restraining order be lifted and recanted her statement to prosecutors, the Miami Herald reports. 

Rivero was arrested again at his home in southwest Miami-Dade Wednesday and charged with battery against someone in his household.

The 17-year veteran of the Coral Gables police department was booked in jail and held in Miami-Dade Corrections custody overnight, according to spokesman with the Miami-Dade police.

It is unclear if the most recent battery charge involves his wife. 

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