BSO Dep. Arrested After Allegedly Recording, Leaking Video Of FLL Shooting

A 21-year veteran of the Broward County Sheriff's Department is under arrest after authorities say he recorded and then leaked video of the January Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting. 

Deputy Michael Dingman, 47, turned himself in at his employers headquarters Wednesday morning and was taken to the main jail. 

Source: BCSO

Dingman is accused of secretly recording security video of the FLL shooting in which five people were killed. The clip showed up two days later on the TMZ website. 

Authorities said Dingman, who worked at the airport and was described as a high-ranking law enforcement officer with security clearance, used a cellphone to record off of a monitor, not realizing that part of his own reflection was captured on the footage that was likely sold to TMZ.

An arrest report says Dingman told a detective, "Do you guys think I made money on this thing? Because if so, I didn't. You can search my bank records if you'd like, but you aren't going to find anything."

Investigators found Dingman had engaged in several phone calls with people from TMZ and had also contacted other media outlets, the arrest warrant stated. 

Sheriff Scott Israel told a news conference that he was "very angry" when he found out the suspect was Dingman, one of his department's own. 

Israel added, quote, "At the end of the day, this is about one deputy who chose to tarnish the badge."

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