Elderly Woman Crushed, Killed By Truck At Florida Recycling Center

An 82-year-old Florida woman is dead after being run over by a construction vehicle at a recycling plant, according to police. 

Ida Kuhlmann Pacheco died Tuesday morning at Recycling Services of Florida in Pinellas Park.

Source: Fox 13

Authorities say Pacheco had brought recyclables to be weighed and sold at the plant. 

For unknown reasons, police say Pacheco wandered away from the customer area and walked outside toward a roadway used by front-end loaders.

Officials believe she was initially knocked down and caught beneath the wheels of the 30,000-pound vehicle. 

The driver of the Cat 930M Small Wheel Loader didn't see the woman until making a lap and seeing her on the ground.

Investigators say the death appears to be an accident and don't expect to file criminal charges.

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