Tiger Woods Had Xanex, THC, Ambien, More Drugs In System During DUI Arrest

A recently released toxicology report determines Tiger Woods had five different drugs in his system during his Memorial Day arrest for suspicion of DUI in Palm Beach County 

ESPN reported Monday on a toxicology report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The report says Woods tested positive for: 

  • Hydrocodone, the generic form of Vicodin

  • A strong painkiller commonly known as Dilaudid

  • Xanax (the report also listed Alpha-Hydroxy Alprazolam, which is what Xanax becomes when it breaks down in the system)

  • Ambien

  • Delta-9 carboxy THC, the active ingredient in marijuana

Police did not say whether Woods had a prescription for any of the medications – including the medical marijuana, which is now legal in Florida.

Woods was arrested when Jupiter found him asleep at the wheel of his car at an intersection near his home on May 29. 

He failed a field sobriety test and was unable to tell officers where he was at the time, but blew a 0.00 on a breathalyzer after being arrested.

Last week, Woods entered a guilty plea to a charge or reckless driving and will enter a first-time DUI offender program that could result in the case being wiped off his record if he completes all requirements.

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