Police: Tampa-Area Man Starved Bedridden Wife Who Was 68 Lbs. At Death

A 75-year-old Florida man is under arrest after being accused of starving his bedridden wife to death. 

Hillsborough County Sheriff's officials said in a news release Harold Earl Allen was arrested Monday. He's being held in the death of his 75-year-old wife, Karen Allen, who weighed just 68 pounds when she died in her bed in January.

Source: HCSO

An autopsy found Karen died of a combination of severe dehydration, malnourishment and thrombosis in the veins of her legs.

Officials said Allen, who's charged with homicide-negligent manslaughter/aggravated neglect of an elderly disabled adult, told investigators he was her sole caretaker and that she'd been unable to move for about three weeks before she died. 

Allen told investigators she last ate the day before she died.

The medical examiner, however, said there was nothing in Karen Allen’s stomach which would indicate she recently ate, prior to her death. This was a contradiction to the information provided by Harold Allen.

Records don't list a lawyer for Allen.

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