GoDaddy Denounces Neo-Nazi Website Posting About Charlottesville Victim

Web hosting service GoDaddy has announced that it will no longer provide the domain name for a neo-Nazi website.  

GoDaddy started receiving criticism after "The Daily Stormer" published an article about a white supremacist protester who was killed during a Charlottesville, Virginia, rally this weekend.  

***WARNING - the following language (and link) may be considered offensive***

The article used extremely sexist and obscene language to describe Heather Hayer, stating "she was fat and a drain on society." The article also includes opinions such as: 

Due to female privilege, and the fact that they do virtually nothing their entire lives, women live an average of 5 years longer than men. The average female lifespan is 81 years. That means for 49 more years, this fat slob would have been leeching off of men’s work.

Hayer was killed when a car was driven into a crowd of people protesting a neo-Nazi rally.  

GoDaddy says the website's operators violated its terms of service.

As of Monday morning, The Daily Stormer website is still active. 

It is unclear if GoDaddy continues to host the domain at this time. 

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