'Honeymoon Hunters' Back In Court On New Kidnapping Charges

A Georgia couple initially arrested for walking naked through stores while honeymooning in Miami now faces more serious charges after police say the woman and man kidnapped and sexually battered another woman.

Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timonthy Lowe, 37, were arrested in July on sexual battery, kidnapping, robbery and grand theft charges, less than two days after they were arrested for indecent exposure, petty theft and cocaine possession charges, according to arrest reports.

The couple was back in court Thursday. 

Prosecutors say newlyweds tried to kidnap a second woman during the bizarre crime spree. They were already in jail for sexually battering a woman, but new charges were filed against the couple after police learned of another victim.

Authorities say the pair tried to kidnap a woman near a 7-Eleven convenience store on SW First Avenue and Eleventh Street on July 9th.

The defendants allegedly told the new victim that they were aliens and that the end of the world was near. According to an arrest report, "the defendants became distracted and she [the victim] was able to escape."

On July 10, the couple succeeded in the alleged kidnapping of another, 27-year-old woman outside of a Hialeah Publix at 155 E. 2nd Avenue in Hialeah.

Hurley and Lowe both remain in jail with no bond. 

Kidnapping poses a sentence up to life if convicted.

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