Daycare Driver Arrested In Connection To Orlando Toddler's Death In Van

An Orlando daycare employee has been arrested in connection to the death of a 3-year-old boy earlier in the week. 

Deborah St. Charles, a former employee at Little Miracles Academy , was arrested for aggravated manslaughter of a child, police say.

The toddler, Myles Hill, was found dead in the daycare's transportation van on Monday, after St. Charles allegedly used the vehicle to transport a group of children from one of the facility's locations another.

The vehicle, a 2000 seven-passenger Honda Odyssey, is used to pick up and drop off kids at the homes, as well as transport them between the two locations.

According to the warrant, St. Charles picked up Myles from his grandmother's apartment and placed him in the van with six other children, who were all under age 11. 

St. Charles then allegedly drove to the other location with the children in the vehicle, the warrant said.

When she arrived at the second location, according to the warrant, St. Charles told police that she assumed all the children had already entered the facility, but admitted to not doing a headcount. 

According to the warrant, St. Charles then turned over the payment for Myles' child care, left the facility and drove back to the original location.

When St. Charles arrived at the original location, she allegedly received a phone call, opened a sliding door on the van and grabbed some personal property from the floor. She then closed and locked the van "without inspecting the interior," the warrant said.

Myles was located around 8:30 that night, after Myles hadn't been brought home from day care, according to the warrant. 

The temperature inside the van reached as high as 144 degrees Fahrenheit by 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon, according to a simulation conducted by Orlando Police Crime Scene Investigators.

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