Sweetwater Nightclub Closed After Nude Dance-Off Video Surfaces

The City of Sweetwater has temporarily shut down the popular La Covacha nightclub after an X-rated video from the venue surfaced. 

Code Enforcement went to the club, located at 10730 NW 25th St, Wednesday to close its door after it allegedly violated a city ordinance against public nudity.

The violation comes three days after video surfaced online showing women freely stripping down naked and gyrating on stage during a dance competition.

It allegedly began as a promotion for participants to compete for free concert tickets to see Cuban musicians Yomil y El Dany, but the dancing quickly got raunchy.

In the video, some men in the crowd can be seen touching the women inappropriately and a DJ is heard saying “take it off” in Spanish.

The popular nightclub is getting a lot of criticism from users on social media. Some people commented in Spanish, calling the competition vulgar and in poor taste.

The women were competing for $900 tickets to the August 12 concert. It will be Yomil y El Dany’s first time performing in Miami.

In order to reopen, the club must appeal the City of Sweetwater.

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