Florida Cited As Having One Of The Worst Black Market Fuel Rings In Nation

With the state of Florida being cited as having one of the worst black markets for credit card fraud, authorities are working to combat stolen credit card information taken from unsuspecting gas station customers.

Authorities and industry experts across the country say criminals make nearly $1,000 each day reselling stolen numbers at construction sites or to truckers looking to cut costs.

The thieves reportedly use skimmers to record the data from cards used at the pump. Then they create counterfeit cards and insert one after another into pumps, filling up tanks hidden inside vehicles that can hold up to 500 gallons.

Texas and California also appear to have the biggest issue, but the scamming has caught the attention of authorities in many states, and they're seeking stiffer penalties and tougher laws to combat it.

The U.S. Secret Service investigates financial crimes. It says some of these black market fuel rings have taken in $5 million or more a year.

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