LOOK: Last Of 12 "Peanut Butter" Escapee Inmates Captured In Florida

Authorities in Florida have captured the last of 12 escaped inmates who fled from an Alabama county jail... using peanut butter to make their way out. 

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday night that deputies and the FBI captured Brady Kilpatrick, 24, at a home in the south end of the county.

Kilpatrick was being held in the Walker County jail when he and 11 other inmates escaped Sunday night.

Walker County Sheriff's officers say the inmates used peanut butter to change the numbers above a door and trick a new employee into opening a door that led outside. 

They then used their jail uniforms and blankets to climb over a razor wire-topped fence.

Kilpatrick was the only of the inmates one to make it out of the state Alabama. The others were captured within 12 hours of leaving.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says his department received a tip from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office that Kilpatrick could be hiding out in a home on Southeast Hobart Street.

Snyder said deputies and federal agents surrounded the home and took him into custody without incident.

The sheriff said two people who knew Kilpatrick drove to Alabama to pick him up. 

Three others in the house were also arrested.

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