Family Of Fatal Crash Victim Wants To Search Venus Williams' Cellphone

The family of a 78-year-old Florida man who died following a car crash with tennis star Venus Williams is asking to search her cellphone.

Attorneys at Steinger, Iscoe and Green filed a motion Friday requesting to have a forensic expert examine Williams' phone to determine what she may have been doing when the June 9 crash happened. 

Jerome Barson — a passenger in the car his wife was driving — died two weeks following the collision.

The motion states that "evidence gathered thus far indicated (Williams) may have been distracted and or unnecessarily delayed" in her reaction to a traffic signal or surrounding traffic. 

Earlier last month, Williams and her attorney objected to a motion asking to see her cellphone records.

Lawyers and law enforcement enforcement have gone back and forth about who was at fault. Originally, police said Williams was at fault, but later said she lawfully entered the intersection under a green light.

Williams told investigators she did not see the Barsons coming.

The crash remains under investigation.

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