LOL: 2-Year-Old Walks Across Wet Concrete, Has Priceless Reaction

Most construction workers can agree that when a cat, dog or other critter walks through wet concrete, it's a bit frustrating, but almost expected. 

But what about when a 2-year-old hobbles through the wet mush? 

When Jonathan Porter, of Porter Concrete Construction Co. in Tennessee, went to check on a basement he's been working on last week, he found a panic-stricken Izzadora Millaway, 2, wondering how to get herself out of the middle of the wet floor. 

Porter had poured the concrete with his crew about 45 minutes prior to the run-in with Izzadora. He then left to assist with a nearby car accident, as he's also a member of the community's fire and rescue team. 

When he returned, he was telling Izzadora's parents about the accident when the little girl heard them talking outside and wanted to see what the fuss was about. 

There were no doors between where the girl was and the basement because of the remodeling, so she walked right down the stairs and across the wet concrete while trying to make her way outside.

Porter helped wash Izzadora's feet off with water and detergent. He then poured concrete over her trail, but left a small section where he immortalized Izzadora's footprints as a memory for the family.

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