Florida Law Makes it Legal to Break Car Window to Protect Pets,Kids

Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Department of Children and Families, Miami Fire-Rescue, OurKids and ChildNet are teaming up to promote car safety and warn against the dangers of leaving children and pets behind in the car.  

So far this year, 12 children have died nationwide and in 2016 there were 39 hot car deaths.  Experts say within the first 15 minutes, the temperature inside of a car becomes 80 times higher than outside. 

FHP and local advocates say the message is these deaths are 100% preventable.  FHP Trooper Joe Sanchez says citizens can help an endangered child or pet.

"The law allows you to take whatever action it is and that is to break the window and provide assistance to that infant or pet," said Trooper Sanchez.

He says the first step is to call 911 and then use whatever means you can to break that window.

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