Thief's Theft Plan Thwarted By... Batman!

It was Batman to the rescue in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Officer Damon Cole was attending a neighborhood children's fair, dressed in full, 'Gotham' garb, when he received a call that a man allegedly shoplifted four DVDs from a nearby Walmart. Among the videos he attempted to take, according to police: the Lego Batman movie. 

Cole showed up to the Walmart to arrest the man -- still decked out as the superhero. The tricky part? Convincing store managers that he was an actual cop.

“I want to get a selfie with you cause it’s not every day you get arrested by Batman,” Cole said the suspect told him, according to a report by Fox News. “So, he took a selfie.”

The suspected shoplifter was issued a citation since the value of the DVDs was less than $100.

Cole, who has been an officer since 1999, travels the country dressed as a superhero to entertain terminally ill children. He travels on his own dime to help children forget their health issues.

“I want to inspire people,” he says on his webpage, Heroes And Cops Against Childhood Cancer. “I want someone to look at me and say: ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up.’”

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