"Dr. Fake Love" Trial Date Set For Practicing Without License, Fraud

The trial date has been set for a teenager accused of practicing medicine without a medical license.

Malachai Love-Robinson's, also known as Dr. (Fake) Love's, trial will begin in Palm Beach County November 6th, after being pushed back from September so his attorneys could explore the insanity defense.

Love-Robinson, 20, is being held in Virginia after he was sentenced to jail in May after pleading guilty to lying in an effort to obtain credit while trying to purchase a car. 

As a teen, Love-Robinson was accused more than once of practicing medicine without a license. A judge in May sentences him to 10 years in prison, on charges related to forgery and providing a false statement to obtain credit. However, the judge immediately suspended nine years of the term on two fraud charges.

An 86-year-old woman claims Love-Robinson stole thousands of dollars from her during a series of visits to her home. 

The trial date could change based on when Love-Robinson, who was 18-years-old at the time of his arrest, returns to Palm Beach County.

The assistant state attorney said he expects Love-Robinson to return to Palm Beach County from Virginia in August.

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