Teen Steals BMW, Takes Joyride Around South Florida

A Florida teen has been arrested for taking a stolen BMW on a joyride.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says 18-year-old Pompano Beach resident Alexander McQueen Mors (with no relation to Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars, *wink, wink*) was arrested Friday evening after driving a stolen 2014 BMW roughly 135 miles from West Palm Beach to Key Largo.

The sheriff's office says Mors, driving with a passenger who told police he was convinced the car was rented, was spotted by a deputy turning into a Domino's Pizza before he eluded the deputy, refused to pull-over and crashed into a Mercedes van.

No injuries were reported.

Mors was charged with motor vehicle grand theft, fleeing law enforcement and driving without a license

.Jail record say Mors was released Saturday night after posting a $25,000 bond.

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