Polk County Arrests Six "Bovine Bandits," Searches For Eight Stolen Cows

Six men have been charged in two separate cattle thefts at a Florida pasture. And authorities are now trying to find eight missing cows.

Polk County Sheriff's officials say four cows and four calves were stolen in April from a Lakeland pasture. Investigators found its fence cut open.

In a Facebook post Friday, sheriff's officials said three men were arrested for grand theft of livestock and dealing in stolen property. 

Those men have been identified as Jordan Furguson, 19, Trevar Veltrop, 21, and Dalton Pelham, 22. A tip led investigators this month to one suspect, who sold cattle for $4,000 at an April auction. 

The sheriff's office was working to find those animals.

In a statement posted Saturday, officials said three other men attempted to steal two more calves from the same pasture June 8. Those men have been identified as Bryce Pickle, 18, Leroy Hamilton, 18, and Dakota McClellan, 20. 

Those men face charges of grand theft of livestock and confining animals without food or water.

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