WATCH: Plug Prankster Stumps Travelers At Miami Airport

Wall outlets. They are probably one of the most coveted things in airport terminals, aside from a slew of empty seats near your gate. 

If you've been in an airport anytime throughout the past decade or so, you know how important airport plugs are for charging your phone... especially since many airlines offer free, in-flight WiFi now-a-days. Well, on his way to vacation in London Wednesday night, Twitter user @JustBasicDave decided to play a cruel (and hilarious) prank on travelers at Miami International Airport with stickers that look like outlets. 

Check it out: 

Now, people are both laughing out loud, and condemning @JutsBasicDave to the grips of evil. 

Dave, who lives in Jacksonville, according to his Twitter profile, has received an overwhelming number of responses in regards to his airport hi-jinx. So much so that he's sharing where you can buy your own outlet stickers. 

So, do you dare play the most evil prank? If you do, see below:  

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