"Operation Dragon Slayer 2" Ends In Seizure Of 33 Grams Of Heroine

Miami-Dade police, along with the Miami-Dade state attorney's office and the Drug Enforcement Administration, arrested 12 people Wednesday as part of a drug bust dubbed "Operation Dragon Slayer 2."

Wednesday’s roundup — which also seized 33 grams of heroin — was the second phase of the operation. In November 2016, police arrested 16 people as part of Dragon Slayer I.

The operations were the result of a months-long investigations where officers identified individuals who were in possession and trafficking heroin.

Cops used the name Dragon Slayer because dragon is the nickname for heroin.

On Wednesday, police had a list of 12 people they were looking to charge: Enoch Parks, James Williams, Edward Fletcher, Cedrick Bean, Carlos Rodriguez, Teri McCarthy, Tevin Spencer, Alexander Gilbert, James Reath, Ormandis Perez, Pedro Alonso, Roberto Romero.

All but McCarthy, Reath, Alonso and Romero were arrested Wednesday and most were charged with heroin sales. Four other people, who were not on the original list of 12, were arrested during the operation. Those also arrested Wednesday were: Anthony Grant, Anthony Mercer, Lloyd Campbell and Prescott Farnell.

The operation also led to the confiscation of three weapons, two of which were reported stolen. 

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