Aerial Mosquito Spraying Scheduled For Miami-Dade

'Skeeter coverage will be coming from the sky Thursday night. 

While most agree the fight against Zika carrying mosquitoes is needed, the planned spraying of the pesticide over much of Miami-Dade County Thursday evening is again causing concern.  

The aerial spraying will stretch along the coast from the Rickenbacker Causeway south to Homestead. Kendall and areas around Redland and Florida City will also be sprayed.

Environmentalists say the chemical kills bees, bats and butterflies, and a recent study in China shows it can affect the motor skills of infants.  

County officials say the doses used in aerial applications, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, are safe for humans.

Earlier this month, a study looked at impacts from exposure outside the lab or workplace accidents and found babies born to Chinese mothers had a slight delay in motor functions.

The spraying is set for 8 p.m.

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