Miami-Dade Investigator Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges, Police Say

A Miami-Dade County investigator is facing drug trafficking charges after police say he sold ecstasy and cocaine to an undercover Coral Gables police officer. 

Daniel Vuelta, 54, a supervisor of the contractor investigations section for the Department of Regulatory and Economic Services in Miami-Dade, was arrested May 31. He faces charges including trafficking in ecstasy, possession with intent to sell cocaine, and possession with intent to sell cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, according to a Coral Gables arrest report.

Credit: MDCO

 Vuelta allegedly sold a number of drugs to an undercover officer twice last month out of his Coral Gables home.

On May 31, police raided his home and took Vuelta and two others, 43-year-old Rafaela Castellon and 20-year-old Daniel Pardo, into custody. Officers discovered drugs, pipes, rolling papers and other paraphernalia inside the home. 

Police didn't reveal what tipped them off to Vuelta.

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