Cocaine Cowboy Finishes Prison Sentence, Authorities Want Him Deported

One of Miami's infamous "cocaine cowboy'' drug dealers will wrap up a lengthy prison sentence this weekend, but that doesn't mean he'll be a free man. 

Federal immigration officials say they will detain 61-year-old Augusto "Willie'' Falcon when he is released Saturday from a Kentucky prison after serving most of a 20-year sentence. Authorities want to deport Falcon to his native Cuba, according to a report made Wednesday. 

The move comes as Falcon's younger brother, 55-year-old Gustavo "Taby'' Falcon, was recently captured after living as a fugitive for 26 years. The younger Falcon faces life in prison if convicted of the 1991 indictment.

The Falcon brothers were part of a 1980s gang that smuggled 75 tons of cocaine into the U.S. 

The top boss, Salvador "Sal'' Magluta, is serving a 195-year sentence.

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