Extension of 836 Expressway Voted Against in Public Hearing

Miami-Dade County votes against plans to extend the 836, also known as the Dolphin Expressway, into Kendall.  

The plans would have called for building the expressway past the county's Urban Development Boundary in order to extend the western end of the 836 south about 15 miles into Kendall.  It was a packed house for the public hearing at Tuesday's Government Operations Committee meeting.

Many Kendall residents, like Luca Dineglad, were in favor of the expansion in hopes it would alleviate traffic.

"Where I live I am five miles away from any major expressway and in the absence of an east/west running expressway other than the Dolphin, traveling west via local roads is nothing short of hellish," said Dineglad.

Hialeah resident, Amy Molina, was against expanding the major roadway into agricultural land.

"It encourages more traffic, more development and the issue gets worse," said Molina.

At the Government Operations Committee meeting Tuesday the plan died in a 3-2 vote.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

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