Florida Communities Win Big In $5 Million Knight Cities Challenge

Several Florida communities are highlighted as winners in the 2017 Knight's Challenge -- a competition hosted by the Knight Foundation that poses the question "What's your best idea to make cities more successful?" 

Awarded Florida communities include: 

  • Bradenton 
    • Speak Up Bradenton (Awarded $32,000): Encouraging greater civic engagement by opening up avenues for citizens to participate in government decision-making in non-traditional settings such as bus stops, landmarks and other public gathering places.
  • Miami

    • Civic Incite: Citizens Setting the Agenda (Awarded $105,595): Inspiring civic engagement with an online platform that tracks public meetings and legislation across cities to promote in-person engagement with local governments.

    • Miami-Dade Quickbuild Program (Awarded $150,000): Establishing a program within Miami-Dade County in partnership with local transportation nonprofit Green Mobility Network that advances low-cost, quick-build transportation and open space projects.

    • Rep(resentative) Miami (Awarded $119,800): Breaking down barriers to civic participation by putting clear, actionable information about local elected officials directly into citizens’ hands.

  • Palm Beach County, Florida

    • 12 for 12: Popup to Rent (Awarded $180,000): Expanding on the success of a pilot pop-up gallery project by inviting local talent to activate 12 empty storefront spaces as an economic catalyst for West Palm Beach.

The foundation received 4,500 submissions in 2017 that were narrowed down to just 144 finalists in January.

The 33 winners were announced Monday. 

The awarded projects seek to help attract and keep residents, expand economic opportunities and create a culture of civic engagement.

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