President Trump Coming To Miami Next Friday To Change Cuba Policy

The President is planning a return to South Florida but rather than enjoy a weekend at Mar-a-Lago or one of his golf resorts, Donald Trump is heading to Miami to announce another rollback of Obama Administration policy.

Multiple reports, including from WIOD Political Expert Marc Caputo, indicate that the White House is planning a trip to Miami next Friday during which President Trump will confirm changes to the normalization process that his predecessor had initiated in late 2014.

The plan was reportedly worked out with Florida Senator Marco Rubio and South Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, both Cuban-Americans who have maintained harsh stances against the Castro regime. There could be major changes to travel and business opportunities for Americans looking to visit or invest in the communist island, however the "wet foot, dry foot" policy is not expected to be changed.

The exact location of the announcement has not yet been confirmed as possible venues are vetted for security. Vice President Mike Pence and other senior Trump Administration officials will already be in town for a conference regarding Latin America which will also feature the Presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and representatives from Mexico at the event.

(Photo credit: Spencer Platt)

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