Jacksonville, Orlando, & Cities Across Nation Plan Weekend March Targeted At Muslims

Dozens of cities across the country are bracing themselves for marches this weekend that are targeted at Muslims.  

The largest grassroots anti-Islam group in the nation, "ACT for America," has scheduled its "National March Against Sharia" to take place in at least 28 cities in more than 20 states for Saturday.  

The group says that Sharia, or Islamic law, goes against human rights and the Constitution. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center says neo-nazi and white supremacist groups have backed the march and plan to attend. 

Protestors in both Jacksonville and Orlando plan to hold marches. 

Counter protests have been scheduled at the same time in California, New York, Pennsylvania and other states and cities by several rights groups and watchdogs.  

Opponents of the march say it creates a hostile environment against Muslims.

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