Fort Lauderdale Woman Becomes Her Own Detective After Purse Is Stolen

A woman in Fort Lauderdale decided to act as her own detective after her purse was stolen from her car. 

Authorities say that an unidentified woman had her purse stolen on the morning of May 20. 

Throughout the day, the victim received notifications about her credit card being used at various locations in the area, totaling about $700 in charges. 

Around 6 p.m., the victim was allegedly notified about a purchase at the Fort Lauderdale Regal Cinemas movie theater at 6415 North Andrews Avenue, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

The woman headed to the theater and worked with the manager to review surveillance video that showed the suspect buying a ticket with her credit care and watching a movie with her credit card in his possession.

Credit: BCSO

The woman called Fort Lauderdale Police, and together, they arrested 29-year-old Roumel Josaphat, of Pompano Beach, who was still watching the movie at the victim's expense (literally).   

Josaphat was arrested and charged with possession and use of a stolen credit card.

The victim's purse was recovered in Josaphat's vehicle the following day. 

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