Florida Special Session Slated To End Friday, Though Agreements Not All Met

Florida legislators are supposed to finish their work with the special session this week, but it's not clear if top Republicans can reach a deal on school spending and an overhaul of the state's economic development programs.

Gov. Rick Scott called legislators back to town for a special session, scheduled to end Friday. But Senate President Joe Negron says the Senate won't approve a budget deal unless House Republicans and Scott agree to back top Senate priorities.

Scott wants legislators to pass a new budget for public schools and boost spending on tourism marketing and economic development. Negron says the Senate wants to restore $75 million worth of university projects Scott vetoed. 

The Senate also wants to restore some budget cuts to hospitals.

Legislators are expected to pass a bill dealing with medical marijuana.

If agreements are not completely met, it is unclear whether the session will be extended, or how state legislators will handle bills left open-ended. 

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