BREAKING: Missing Coral Springs Twins, 12, Found Safe, Criminal Investigation Ongoing

Twin sisters from Coral Springs who were reported missing Tuesday have been found safe. 

The father of Rickhia and Nicolette McClam, Rickey McClam, confirmed Friday that his daughters were found safe somewhere in Florida at a family friend's home. Police believe the girls were at their godmother's home the entire time. 

Authorities say the 12-year-old girls ran away from their father's home and left a note stating their intentions to visit their mother in New York after an argument with their father. They took off with clothes, money and iPods, but no cell phone, making them difficult to track.

The mother of the twins was beside herself Tuesday in New York, wishing she would’ve stayed in South Florida after visiting this weekend.

Police are still investigating their disappearance, saying that they will handle the case as a criminal investigation. If family members were involved in hiding the girls, they could face criminal charges. 

The father was offering a $1,000 reward for information on where the girls are that brings them home.

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